Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

Infinity Foundation is committed to promoting the responsible use of gaming machines.

For the vast majority of users, gaming machines are a source of harmless fun and entertainment. However, we recognise that for a small percentage of people, gaming machines can become addictive and may lead to a problem with gambling.

Infinity Foundation, in accordance with legislative requirements, has implemented a responsible gaming programme in all our gaming machine venues.

What is Problem Gambling?

Gambling is a problem when it:

  • Affects your ability to work or take part in other activities
  • Hurts you financially
  • Harms your mental or physical health
  • Causes problems with your family or friends

Problem gambling is relatively small in New Zealand. At any given time, between 0.3% and 1.8% of adults are likely to score as problem gamblers on standard questionnaires. Source: DIA

Signs of a Gambling Problem

Any of the following signs could signify a problem with your own or someone else’s gambling:

  • Regular attendance at gaming venues, waiting for the venue to open or always being the last to leave
  • Gambling for long periods of time
  • Chasing losses, not knowing when to quit
  • Lying about your gambling or hiding your gambling
  • Borrowing money or obtaining money illegally
  • Repeatedly withdrawing money or being constantly overdrawn
  • Becoming obsessed with/constantly thinking about gambling
  • Losing interest in other things (family, friends, work, etc.)
  • Mood swings, argumentative, irritable or anxious behaviour
  • Being unable to stop gambling, even if you want to
  • Gambling because you are lonely or stressed

All of our venue operators are trained to recognise the signs of problem gambling.

Where to Get Help?

If you think you, or someone you know, may have a problem with gambling, you can get free and confidential advice from the Gambling Helpline. The service is available 24-7.

To contact the Gambling Helpline:

Gambling Helpline also offers four specialist services; Maori Gambling Helpline, Pasifika Gambling Helpline, Debt Gambling Helpline, and Youth Gambling Helpline.

Self Exclusion Orders

A Self Exclusion Order is a voluntary contract between a gaming venue and a problem gambler which prevents that person from entering a particular gaming venue while they undergo some form of treatment.