Tips for Applying

Tips for Applying for a Grant

Applying for a grant through the online system can be a little confusing for the first time. The information below should help you through the process.

Documents required for application:

  • Most recent financial accounts. These need to state the organisation name, and need to be less than a year and a half old. If the organisation is younger than 12 months, an income and expenditure statement or bank statements for that period is fine. We also accept draft (not yet audited) accounts if audited accounts are not yet available.
  • Signed resolution agreeing to apply for funding. This is where the Board/Committee has agreed to apply for funding. This needs to be current, and signed by someone from the organisation. Signed minutes are acceptable also.
  • Signed and dated consent to audit. We require a new form filled out for each application. This used to be page 2 of our old application form. Please ensure you include the date and application number. Please ensure you have included two signatories. This form can be found on our home page
  • Proof of affiliation (if the organisation is affiliated). This needs to be no older than 12 months, and must be from the parent body.
  • Two competitive quotes for each expense. Quotes must be fairly recent and on supplier letterhead. Quotes must also be from a New Zealand supplier, in NZD.
  • Three past invoices for operational expenses such as phone, power, etc. Invoices must be recent.
  • Signed contract for any positions you are applying for. Please ensure the contract is current (not expired), signed (by both employee and employer) and includes remuneration. We do accept draft contracts, however if the application is approved we will need a signed contract.

How to upload these documents:

To upload these documents, go to the ‘your applications’ tab. If you click ‘upload documents’, a box will pop up. The items you are applying for will be listed first. If you need to upload quotes/contracts/invoices, you can do so by clicking ‘upload documents’ for the relative grant item.

To upload the main application documents, click the ‘upload documents’ link for the bottom item called ‘application’. There will be a list near the top of the page indicating which documents are required. Once uploaded, this will change the status of your application to ‘pending grants officer review’.


Documents required for organisation registration:

How to upload these documents:

To upload these documents, go to the ‘update details’ tab. Under the heading ‘your organisations’, your organisation will be listed. On the right hand side under ‘actions’ will be the option to click ‘upload documents’. By clicking this link, it will take you to the area to upload these documents. Please ensure you have selected the correct document type, then browse for the file. Once selected, click ‘add to list’. Once all required documents have been uploaded, the message at the bottom of the screen will change to ‘you have uploaded all the required documents’. Please ensure you click ‘submit’ to save these documents.


Application tips;

  • There is a word limit on most fields. If you would like to include extra information, please include in a cover letter and attach as a document.
  • If the field does not have “required” beside it, you can leave it blank.
  • Once all documents have been uploaded, the status will change to ‘pending grants officer review’. If the status does not change, and stays at ‘submitted, pending documents’, there are still documents that need to be uploaded. Please note, your application will not be able to be considered until all documents have been uploaded and the application is complete.
  • Please scan and attach each required document individually (not as one file). The system will only recognise which documents have been uploaded if they are uploaded under the correct document type.
  • You can track the status of your application by logging in to the portal, and viewing the status under ‘your applications’.