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Welcome to the Infinity Foundation

Grant applications are considered by our Board of Directors on a monthly basis. Applications should be received by the Foundation’s office at least eight weeks prior to the event for which the funds are required.

Our policy is to distribute 90% of the funds back into the local community in which they were generated. In most cases we distribute 100% back to the local community. To enter the Infinity Foundation Grants System please click on the button below.

How to Apply

  1. Read the Application Criteria
  2. Enter our online Grants System and complete registration as an individual and organisation then complete the on-line Application fields
  3. For more information read our Funding FAQs 


Complaints about the grants process or an application should be directed in writing to the CEO at the office of Infinity Foundation Limited.


Infinity Foundation
PO Box 2349
Stortford Lodge
Hastings    4153

We will respond to your complaint within 5 working days.