Tips for Applying

Tips for Applying for a Grant

Applying for a grant for the first time can be a little confusing. The information below is the checklist of information we require with your application.

  • Have you checked for an Infinity Foundation venue in your area?
    Please check our website to see if we have a venue in your area.
  • Is your organisation eligible for funding?
    Your organisation must be not-for-profit to apply. You must be either incorporated, or have a legal constitution which states there is no monetary benefit to its members. You are required to be either registered with the Charities Services or have IRD Charitable Status. Evidence of this must be provided from either IRD or the Charities Services.
  • Have you read our Authorised Purpose to check if your request is eligible for funding?
    Please check our Authorised Purposes before applying.
    We are unable to consider applications for anything which is deemed retrospective, fuel/mileage, professional sport, full-time coach salaries, training/warm-up uniforms, fundraising purposes, social activities, alcohol and expenses associated with a club bar. Funds cannot cover costs which have been paid for before the application is approved at our board meeting.
  • Is your organisation incorporated?
    Please attach a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Affiliation
    If your organisation is affiliated to a recognised regional or national body, please attach confirmation of this dated within the last 12 months.
  • Is your organisation a trust?
    Please include a copy of your trust deed, constitution and/or rules.
  • Resolution
    Your Board/Committee must pass a resolution agreeing to apply for funding. A copy of this must be included. This needs to be signed by a Board/Committee member.
  • Board/Committee Members
    Please include a list of your Board/Committee members (first and last names).
  • Annual Financial Accounts
    A full copy of your latest Annual Financial Accounts must be included.
  • Evidence of costs
    Two comparable quotes must be provided for each item you are applying for. If you cannot provide two, you must include a written explanation why.
    If you are applying for operating costs, please provide the last 3 months worth of bills/invoices.
    If you are applying for salaries, please include a copy of the signed employment contract for each employee you are applying for.
    For Contractors, a signed contract for services and a quote should be provided.
    Budgets will not be accepted in place of quotes or evidence of costs.
  • Pre-printed deposit slip and/or bank statement
    Please provide a pre-printed bank deposit slip and/or bank statement for your organisation. This is the account your grant will be paid into if your grant is approved. Screenshots and hand written deposit slips will not be accepted.
    The bank account name should match your organisation name.
  • Cover letter
    Please provide a cover letter which tells us a little about your organisation and the community benefit this grant will create.
  • Finalise your application and take a copy
    Once you have completed sections 1-12 of the application form and included the items above, then take a copy of your full application for your records.

    If you have checked everything above, you are ready to send us your application.
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