Grant Decision Criteria

As a requirement of the Gambling Act 2003 (DIA) and its subsequent amendments and regulations, each grant application is considered fully taking into account:

  • The terms of IFL’s class 4 Operator’s Licence (Authorised Purpose)
  • General legislative and regulatory criteria
  • IFL’s founding document and specific statement of authorised purpose
  • IFL’s policies
  • The anticipated community benefit; and
  • The funds available for distribution

Factors that may be taken into account in assessing a grant application include the following:

(a) IFL’s available funds and area budget

(b) Purpose of application is within the ‘Authorised Purpose’

(c) The relevant background of the applicant organisation, to establish its bona fide status and to ensure that its activities fall within authorised purposes.

(d) Any partial self-funding of the activity by the applicant

(e) Where applicable, the outcomes of audits conducted on grants made previously

(f) Assessment of the overall community benefit that would arise and the potential number of beneficiaries

(g) Any possibility of funds being misdirected to the detriment of the intended community benefit

(h) Absence of evidence of personal or commercial gain that might accrue directly or indirectly to venue operators

(i) Fees or benefits that might accrue to any professional fundraisers involved with an application

(j) Other organisations from which funding is being sought

(k) The date(s) the application relates to if applicable

(l) Advice from DIA (when sought and given)

(m) Identification of any conflict of interest

(n) Whether or not IFL has any gaming machines operating in the applicant’s community/location

(o) The number and quantum of any previous grants to the same applicant, whether for the same purpose or otherwise.

Note: This list is not exhaustive. It indicates additional information that might be required to assess grant applications fully.