The intention of Infinity Foundation is to maximise the distribution of net proceeds from its gaming machines back into the Community.

Application Form

If you feel you meet the criteria outlined in the 'Authorised Purpose' and want to begin the grant application process, download the application form here by clicking on 'More Info'.

Application Forms can also be obtained at each of our Venues.

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Authorised Purpose

This Authorised Purpose establishes guidelines by which all grant applications received by Infinity Foundation must conform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have supplied a list of frequently asked questions to help you complete your application form and understand the grant application process.

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Tips for Grant Applicants

We have supplied a list of useful tips to submit a perfect Grant Application.

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Resolution Example - this is essential and should be on organisation letterhead.

Example of Resolution Required:

"It was resolved that a request be made to Infinity Foundation Ltd for funding for the amount of (amount). I certify that the above is a true and correct copy of the resolution of the (committee or executive) of (organisation name) dated (date).

Signed: ___________________ Name of Secretary: _________________ Date: _________________


Retrospective rules

As of 15th July 2011, funds cannot cover costs which have been paid for before the application is approved at our board meeting.

Grants cannot be paid retrospectively. All grants must be applied to specific and future based purposes, e.g. a donation application must be approved by Infinity Foundation before an event is held and all unpaid future costs thereof will be considered.

Grant Decision Criteria

Infinity Foundation has a policy for grant decision making that outlines key aspects, processes and priorities for the assessment of grant applications.

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Grants Distributed

This is a list of all grant applications received for the year, including details of whether the applications have been granted or declined

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Monthly Advertisment

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Annual Policy Review

The Annual review of the criteria, methods, systems and policies used for consideration of applications for the distribution of net proceeds was carried out at a meeting of Directors on 25th November 2014. No significant changes were made.